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touching base

Feb 19, 2014 | Posted by: ~m~
Hey all,


a) THANK YOU for being here and for your interest in / support of the music.  It means a lot to me.  i mean that.

b) Feel like i owe all of you thoughtful enough to check in here on the official site an update --to keep you in the loop regardless whether there is something specific to be excited about in the way of something -a release or otherwise- to promote.  So much goes in to the "behind the scenes" and the "making of" any given release or project that the general public doesn't get to see ... and that's precisely where i've been since the release of "Stay".  That said, i'm a songwriter with a so-called "day job" and all the other entrapments of a "real" life (dishwashing, laundry, and the whole lot of fun things encompassed and implied in the term "real"), and so though this work is where very much of my heart and soul reside, reality is such that i can only trust God's timing to guide and afford me the time and energy to work on these projects as i go.  So, that you're here means all-the-more.

c) and that said, i am in the throws of writing and recording a new song.  Finishing the recording portion at this point in time after which come the mixing and mastering phases.  Beyond that, there's even more that goes into such a project behind-the-scenes --artwork and other various processes relating to both digital and physical release.  twitter is where you'll likely get the most frequent (and thorough) updates -and inane blurts- from me, as it tends to alert followers to updates across several of the platforms that we're on.  i'll keep you posted.




d)  In the interim since the release of "Stay" came "Shane's Song".  It isn't an official "release", but can be heard in demo form and read about on my blog, beingnotme.

The music is first and foremost for those of you who "hear" -and appreciate- it.  So, thank you again for being here and for following the music this far!

Check out our plethora of online presences and social media links at the bottom of the site should you want more in the meantime!


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